Accept bitcoins for payments from customers

Accepting bitcoins for payments is easy

You can let BitKassa send the bitcoins to your Bitcoin wallet. Even if your customer pays using Lightning Network!

You can accept Bitcoin for payments on location in your business or even if you send invoices to your customers you can mention the Bitcoin payment option (Bitfactuur).
For webshops we have a userfriendly API or a number of Webshop plugins

BitKassa for payments in your company

As soon as your registration is complete you will receive a link for your personal payment page that you can open in any browser on any smartphone, tablet or computer with an active internet connection. You enter the amount in euros that your customers needs to pay and BitKassa generates a QR code. Your customer scans this code with his/her Bitcoin wallet on a smartphone. Within seconds you know if the payment was succesful and then you will also receive a receipt in your e-mail

BitInvoice if your customer pays from home

BitInvoice is the most simple way to accept Bitcoin payments. Print the address of your personal BitInvoice webpage on your invoices (optionally accompanied by a Bitcoin sticker). Your customer enters the amount and description of your invoice and pays with bitcoins right from their home.
You will receive an e-mail as soon as the payment is confirmed.

BitKassa API and webshop plugins

For some known webshop systems there are ready to use paymentmodules available and for all other platforms you can integrate our user-friendly BitKassa API. If you are familiar with programming you can use our API to handle a Bitcoin payment from any platform or website.
View the API documentation.

The easiest way to save some bitcoins

Accepting bitcoins from your customers is an easy and cost-effective way to save bitcoins, but BitKassa can also send the revenue from your bitcoin payments to your account on an exchange where you can convert bitcoins.

If a Bitcoin payment is initiated from BitKassa, BitInvoice or from your webshop the amount of bitcoins are calculated based on the current, average exchange rate. The current Bitcoin exchange rate is also shown in the chart on our homepage.

With every successful Bitcoin payment you receive an e-mail with all details, such as the amount in euro and the amount in bitcoins.

No subscription, no extra device

To accept Bitcoin payments you do not need to invest in any new device or a paid subscription.

For the vast majority of small and medium-sized companies, we can offer our service completely free of charge. If you have a larger (web)shop from which we expect (based on our experience) that more of our support and services will be needed, we charge a 1% commission. Of course we will discuss this beforehand.

To register your company is the first step, we will check your company details and if everything is in order you will receive, depending on your choice, your personal BitKassa paymentpage, BitInvoice link or Webshop API key. This is all you need. The BitKassa payment page can be opened by any member of your personnel on a smartphone, tablet or computer and if you offer BitInvoice your customers handle the payment themselves.

How can I let Bitcoin users know that they can spend bitcoins at my company?

There are "We accept Bitcoin" stickers to use on your website or in your brick and mortar business that are easily recognised by Bitcoin users. If you use BitInvoice you can use the digital sticker to print on all your invoices next to your BitInvoice link.

To let the online Bitcoin community know that they can pay with bitcoins in your store you can add your company for free on BTC Map.
We also publish many of our customers on the map of Arnhem Bitcoin City (zoom out on the map to see places outside Arnhem).

Arnhem Bitcoin City

Is your company located in Arnhem and interesting for tourists? Then you can take part in Arnhem Bitcoin City
In Arnhem there are a lot of local businesses accepting Bitcoin, like restaurants and bars, shops, barbers, etc. Some entrepreneurs came up with special discount offers for people paying with bitcoins.

BitKassa and Arnhem Bitcoin City are founded by the same people. There are Bitcoin meetups multiple times a year at one of the locations where you can pay with bitcoins. The meetups have a social, informal character and are open for anyone to join. If you want to get to know the BitKassa team you can meet us there as well. Feel free to come along!

Meetups are announced at the website of Arnhem Bitcoin City or become a member of the Arnhem Bitcoin City group you will get an e-mail if there's a new meetup coming up.

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Helaas, BitKassa is niet beschikbaar in uw land. We bedienen alleen bedrijven uit landen waar de Euro de nationale munteenheid is.
Als u denkt dat we u op een andere manier kunnen helpen, horen we dat natuurlijk graag.
Sorry, BitKassa is not available in your country. BitKassa is currently only available for companies registered in a country that has the euro as its national currency.
If you think that we can help you in any other way, please let us know.
Desafortunadamente, BitKassa non está disponible por su país. Solo podemos ayudar las empresas registradas en países que tienes el euro como moneda nacional.
Si cree que podemos ayudarlo de otra manera, háganoslo saber.
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